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Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber This should be on extreme metal end of the year lists. Every song shows multiple influences so it is tough to generalize. What really blows me away are the vocals and uses of melody. Sort of Mr. Bungle meets grind and math-core--both musically and vocally. It is schizophrenic and extremely creative. Favorite track: Turbo Lawnmower.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Dillinger-esqee stretches of technical gymnastics, sudden bursts of The Mars Volta sounding clean vocals, detours into proggy guitar jams.  You will turn so many corners it's going to make your head spin.  One minute you'll be full tilt with truly ferocious screams and dizzying drums, the next you might be catching your breath with a classical guitar solo or grooving to a full jazz instrumental. Favorite track: Mondoslam.
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released December 9, 2016

Vocals/Guitars/Mixing/Bass(Tracks 9,12,16) - Eric Thorfinnson
Guitar(Tracks 5 & 15) - Erik Sorensen
Drums - Emmett Ceglia
Bass - Will Purcell
Guitar Solos on Tractordeath and Turbo Lawnmower - Charlie Bloom

Drums Recorded/Engineered by Marc Alan Goodman @ Strange Weather, Brooklyn New York
Guitars and Bass recorded @ Village Road Studios, Morristown New Jersey
Vocals recorded in my mom's basement
Mastered by Alan Douches
Artwork by Rachel Lindover



all rights reserved


Autocatalytica Toronto, Ontario

Autocatalytica is a bubbling cauldron of scatter-brained prog-metal insanity helmed by Guitarist/Vocalist Eric Thorfinnson

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Track Name: Mondoslam
When every step of my progress
Consists of no real change
I must observe my inner rodent
Flailing in a maze

To suffocate underneath the weight of my
shameful ways rotten shallow and debased
I’ll be a martyr cowering before their

Faces contorted to appease your holy whims
Tell me why must repression
Be intrinsic to escaping fear
I will not rest till you’ve told me

Where has all the courage gone
We used to hold
When will we ever come to terms
With our baseless legacy of fear

We’re unworthy of these
Blind castrated martyrs
Peddling weakness from the grave

An illusion given time is cement that we grind
Underfoot as the destitute and ravenous horde helplessly falls in line

Blisters crack and boil
Lattice made to foil
Impulses we demonize
Track Name: OATS
Born unsuspecting and filled with high hopes for decay
But pleading with every frail tether tTo loosen up
Every tremor bathed in doubt

It seems to be much easier to integrate doubt into your faith
When threatened with a ceaseless terror
You’re mired in torrents of dismay, resigned to be a
Pawn to the inner voices

Don’t look beyond the veil
For the chosen one
You hold an awareness of the only
God is just enough for us all to understand
You hopelessly cower where you stand

Crystallize the above, defend it from those who stray
Watch as all the callous legions falter with their hardened hearts
Craving an escape
Let us not concern ourselves with their fate
Suspicious and estranged rituals that
Lay the foundations for centuries of misdirected

Hate was never enough
to satiate a much simpler goal
than this labyrinth we have fabricated
Blooooood rains from the eyes of the sedate

I'd say there just there’s just no need to draw a line
between each and every instance of the personal divine

Frail witness
You deserve to hold a piece of divinity
despite your wretched soul
You’ve been cut off from your innocent impulse
To search for what awaits beyond

As the reverent keep watch, clutching the keys
To the sacred channel of the spirit
Still I fall short and declare
Father I am feeble in your eyes
Track Name: Turbo Lawnmower
Uneasy stillness festers
At the border of my conscious calculations
I’m trembling from the overflow
Paralyzed by the waves of fugal vision bearing down on me
They’re mocking all of my insignificant designs
I hold my place before I start to swallow

Don’t Wait for me to prove that any of this warrants understanding
I won’t survive making another move away from the source of
My only enduring release
I will crumble as I embrace

Basking in the shadow of the spiral in the sky
I clench my fists in horror as prophets cry
It’s far too late to repent for all the
Thoughtless and destructive ways we've
Integrated without considering the loss

I’m holding on by a thread but its caught
In the tangles of your hope
So all we can do now is just laugh
At the deep absurdity of what we try to make last
Track Name: Skytown
I’m not waiting for the blood to settle in it’s course
I’ll bide my time as I languish at the source of

My transitory relief but it crumbles
Before I even get a chance to breathe

I want nothing more than to hold permanence by the throat

As the equation resolves it’s force
All my actions are ritualized
I’m content to follow every foggy notion
Of a subtle grand design

Bow for I alone shall receive the maps to the infinite teaching
And obviously all questions are beyond me

Safe inside the motions we both bite our tongues
it was arrogant to think we had begun to unlock

A fortified trove of insight that abandons it’s code
Without a stake in any legacy
Somehow we both still believe we’ll be
Spared the torment
Track Name: Tractordeath
When the weather starts to turn
Weightless I’ll remain on the wings
Which carry me above your petty pain
So don’t whisper my destruction while I’m doing just fine on my own

Biding time with answers hidden on display
without a guilty conscience to decay,
My bacchanal and childish revelry
I indulge until the self I knew is

Gone, barren as the Moon
I’ve taken to be vital, still the sun it comes too soon

Voices all spin as vomitory visions paint the walls
Imploding penetrations of this throbbing fear assault
Grasping for anything to secure my long occluded self

I don’t need any help I’ll do just fine by myself

Gone, jealous and marooned
Sputtering and vile, still the sun it brings my ruin
I’ve wasted, all my precious time
withered in a fever of my unholy design

So when the glass has settled and dissolved
I’ll tremble through the thaw
Won’t somebody save me from the demons
I have worked so hard to invoke
Track Name: Molten Teeth
I bring an offering of molten teeth
They’re glistening and eagerness to chew your glassy disease
But my promises were written in a pompous blood
so won't beware of the night that cradles every ageless centipede

An acrobatic surgical defeat compromises all my spinning questions boiled in their seats
I turn my lungs away, as you beckon to pull me back, I will resolve to play

Colossal panic keeps me warm
As I witness you choking swiftly
Your porcelain visage so deformed
Incantations thoroughly betrayed
By a shroud of nicotine gravy

One syringe full of your mane and I’m a
Cluster of lesions wobbling through your dorsal cave
Drape your favourite tentacles in
Thorny robes convulsing in a spinal reverie

Seething with a crass ultimatum I bend my putrid carriage

Pray for the swarming dogs convulsing in the clouds
Lobotomize the flood in a hail of scabs
We offer up our lesions for your decrepit insufflation

You told me I could be of help to ease your metric licking

So open wide don’t flinch or else
The venom won’t hesitate
Track Name: Jizz Blister
Why is it so fucking immeasurably difficult
For you to comprehend
My innermost desire is to seek the truth
The signs are plain on the walls of this melting void
If i’m sober than so are you

Don’t question the message in this circus of fog
this wisdom descended from within the hallowed projections
We so relish to call our precious insight

You’re just fundamentally lazy
And do you actually call this bullshit mustard?
Why am i wasting time with this frail ruse

Blameless despite all the accusations that we defy

I am not just a puppet for your lies
shut the fuck up
I’m telling you i’m not fucking tripping
Track Name: Fetus Piñata
That sudden itching question burns in me
To see beyond the pale
This liquid lacks a warning sign evading every word I have to explain
I’ve just barely sipped the water as it starts to boil
Now there’s no turning back from fringe
As I’m uncontrollably shivering with the certainty

The rigid lightning coats my spine
Leaving me whimpering at the whims of the divine

Running in a spiral of these dead end fractals
There’s just no hope to be alone
I’m so worn down, but i just can’t let go

Until the cycle finally completes, its frantic loop,
I’m such a glutton for disintegration
My hubris knows no petty borders
To deny my ego death
I wont rest before i complete the cycle
And I shall return to confront this demon once again

I will be back but i don’t know how much will remain
Of the person who occupied this meatsleeve before
there’s just some things you can’t unseen
once you’ve fully dissolved

the door has been obscured
inside the endless chaotic divide
You can never escape your self
Every face is a mirror to project

So you thought you could drive this
Were you not listening to me?
Whimpering like a pathetic child
Look me in the eyes
Look at me boy

Track Name: Garage Monger
Hushed up the constant noise to find
A remedy still repressed
Undress the wound in silent terror
Trembling as you regress

Waiting out the aching tremors
Each fear manifests it’s relentless assault
It’s a ruthlessly persistent spiral
taunting me in my pathetic feeble resolve

As I plumb the depths
Of my torturous pattern of wasted time

A sputtering child robbed of all his creature comforts
As the anchors dissolves
Convulsing between shrouded fleshy fragments
Of a life equations couldn’t solve

A blurred out picture lingers on the way
To the light that could draw him back

I gave up all the colour to redefine my name
Silence dwells upon the edge of the blade

Buried beneath the craving
Impermanence will reign
Nothing you could say will ever satisfy
The bottomless desire of life within the hive

You are just a pawn to sit and observe the wheel
So when you approach the fountain do so with the utmost respect
Track Name: Balletic & Glacial
The sullen voice resounds a heavy message
So I collect myself
Looking for a way to fit the faceless pieces
Against this foreign background, still I know

You are not gone
But you have lost a say in the voice that will carry you on
I move inside my own sick stillness
Trying to confront the void you've become
Without a choice at all

Stay close to those who make every endless day
A little easier to feign apathy at bay
we’re all lost and fragile

As the waves swelling on frigid and flickering
The crowd dissolves again and the
Words make way for the sickeningly guttural
Silence drowning me

Without a choice at all
you are loved beyond all reason we could fathom
Called beyond before we had a chance to figure this out
We can’t see the forest for the trees
Track Name: Hexadrizzle
The moment falls into the hollow
Rehearsal of vacuity
And just I’m an obstinate witness to survey
Each petty reason to compartmentalize
All your unforgivable transgressions against our fleshy hive

Fail to notice the web of experience tracing involuntary reactions through a complex hormonal battlefield
Arbitrarily solidfying inspecific notions chained to momentary animal lapses of reason

Irrevocably judged before my pristine filter
At least you’ll always know where you stand
In accordance with my shifting whims

My fear is encased in projected failure
Don’t you dare invalidate my emotional conceit, It’s all i have
I been lurking around these grounds for a long ass time boy
You won’t pull one over on me you little arrogant
Uncultured narrow fucking plebian
Where exactly do you get off

A noble impulse barely buried but just deep enough
So simple to be deceived, just lightly grasp the fragile string
Pulling us helplessly caught in the headlights of our cardiac gravity
Slowing the impact the deepening scream
The tires wail forward to erase

Intrinsically transfixed we’re unwillingly
Counting the bloodstains,cementing the mold
So what’s a wasted day compared to whats at stake
As we approach the chortling void
Show me an escape from the ritualistic
Building the fortress just to shake off the toll
And if its all a ploy just to simulate
I am the keeper of all that is absurd and joyous within myself

Recommencing our programmed obsolete routine
Joyous and completely obscene
But I won’t dare to consider the alternative
To our recursive scheme its a nightmare
Scenario blarga blarga blarga blooble boop

Slow down, as if you’ve got some place to be
You’re so eager to confront the encroaching design
Just take your time
I’m not rushing, there’s just no point draining away
The little time given by the fleshy hive
Track Name: Slippery Noodles
When the walls have been worn down you can see for miles
Where is the adversary to your kind
And what you hold so tight is no exception
To the ignorance you’ve sworn to fight

Yeah I know it’s pathetic but it feels so good know
That I’m invoking demons hidden beneath all our skins
Feeding the purge

Grant me my Eyes and staple them closed
So I may remain disposed to petulance in all it's forms
Drop your infantile facade

You fucking cowards will only tread on conquered ground
Whatever happened to your inner need for
Violence unrestrained

In the name of brutality we’re playin it safe
Don’t forget we’re all essentially the same band

Stop conjuring these useless demons from your juvenile disdain
your apathy is born of privilege still the anguish stakes a heavy claim

We all just want to feel something more than this fallacy
Thats been forced down all our gullets starving for the only true ideal